The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 1st Full Day

Friday was the first full day of being in the overwhelming large city of Chicago and to be honest, it wasn’t as nightmarish as my mind attempted to make me believe.

At 7:27am I walked in the room where my younger sister and father were soundly sleeping and wakened them. It took about 10 minutes or so to get these night-owls moving, but eventually they dragged their exhausted bodies out of their beds and sleepily got dressed. We made our way down 17 floors to get to the free breakfast the hotel offered. My sister and father excitedly stuffed their plates with high-fat breakfast goodies – omelets laden with rich butter, biscuits wearing a thick coat of a gray gravy, and sugary donuts leaking out puddles of grease on the napkins. I consumed nothing. I had already eaten 160 calories worth of raw sprouted seed lemon “cookies” and both my stomach (which never seems to beg me for food) and my Ed said was enough for the morning.

Once my father and sister finished clogging their arteries with the calorific fat of their breakfasts, we went back upstairs, grabbed a few items, and scrambled to get to the bus stop to go to one of the most magnificent museums in Chicago – the Museum of Science and Industry.

After a long bus ride we finally made it the glorious museum. There we discovered the wonders of genetics and fetal development, the art and strength of one of World War II’s greatest submarines, and the magical history of the world’s most beloved movie creators – Walt Disney. We explored the museum for the whole day and I must admit that little trip sure made a lot of good memories.

The day though got a little rougher once dinner came around. I hate going out to eat. I just hate it. I don’t know how many calories are in the food and that is just absolutely horrifying. I got very upset and rude as we strolled the city looking for a place to eat. It eventually all worked out but not without a boatload of tears, cuss words, and heartless remarks.

Today marks the second full day of m Chicago journey and of course I am a little nervous. I do have faith though that today will be better especially she dinnertime comes along since I will be a little more prepared.


5 thoughts on “The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 1st Full Day

  1. Forever Going Forward is exactly what you’re doing on this trip. It’s gonna feel like a complete nightmare at times as it is nigh on impossible to take a holiday from the ED… but your determination and attitude towards recovery will mean that YOU will triumph in the end.
    I too dread the ‘unknowns’ of going out to eat. I make myself do it once a week… It hurts like hell but I carry on in the hope that one day, it won’t hurt so much…
    Remember that you take us with you on your journey.
    You are not alone.

    Good luck with the next few meals.
    Remember that it’s not all calorific fat. The ED makes it look more than it is.

    FF x

  2. I’m happy to hear that you’ve been making some good memories on this trip and enjoying yourself for at least part of it. Chicago is an amazing city. Keep on keeping on 😉

    1. That is a good question and I could see why you would wonder that. The reason I woke them up was because that morning we were going to try to get to the Museum of Science and Industry as early as possible in order to avoid long lines and crowds. Unlike me, my dad and sister are definitely not morning people and would sleep through the entire morning if they were given the opportunity. That is why I had to wake them up.
      I have celiac disease so I ate my own breakfast earlier in the morning.

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