The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 2nd Full Day

After my whole family stuffed their stomachs with the “lets-get-diabetes” goodies from the hotels complementary breakfast, we made our way to the bus stop to visit the Shedd Aquarium. That morning I was in a particularly good mood. I was bound and determined to make-up what happened the day before to my parents, so I forced myself to become immersed in a state of excitement and joy.

Once we made it to the aquarium, we began our day by watching a magnificent live show where the dolphins, belugas, and sea lions entertained us by doing some spectacular tricks. Then we went on over to the 4D theatre to watch a totally immersive video on the prehistoric sea monsters that once roamed our earths waters.

At about 1:00 we left the aquarium and went to the Field Museum. By this time my body ached like hell and my body was crying for sleep. I could feel anger and frustration slowly build up inside me as the pain and exhaustion began to increase. After about an hour and a half of suppresses these feelings, I snapped. I became completely uncooperative and rather rude to my parents. When we finally left the museum and got on the bus, I had become completely unresponsive. Though my family was attempting to converse with me, I had no desire to make words come out of my lips and finally people stopped trying to talk to me.

Eventually we got to the hotel and once we enter to room, a river of tears rushed out of my eyes. Everything hurt and I just couldn’t stand it. My mom gave me some of my pain pills and soon I calmed down dispute my discomfort. About 2 hours later we went to Chipolte and grabbed some food then we did a little window shopping on Michigan Ave. and made our way back to the hotel.

It was a long and rather difficult 24 hours for me. Meal time was easier I must admit, but nowadays I feel like my body can only bear so much and my family really exceeded my physical limit.

Today we will be heading back home, but we are going to stop and quickly visit my dad’s mom (I don’t know her really well). My mom and sister will then immediately head home while my dad and I will go to Naperville to visit a college campus and then go on a little Whole Foods (an all organic grocery chain) shopping spree. Today may be another long day but it will be nice to spend some quality time with my dad.


2 thoughts on “The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 2nd Full Day

  1. Whole Foods is an exciting place! We have one near me here in the UK.
    I cccan identify with the physical tiredness… and the feelings of frustration when you feel you’ve hit your limit.
    Maybe try to explain it to your folks? Not sure how helpful that would be?


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