Eating Disorder/Life Update: October 12, 2014

If you read my last blog post, you are probably well-aware that I am not in a good place right now emotionally.  In that post I expressed a considerable amount of emotional pain, but I never really gave you the reasons as to why my mind has been trapped in a world of anger, hatred, and misery. I’m sure that left a lot of you wondering and so I decided to make a new vlog to give you a snapshot of the current happenings in my life.   I hope you like this little update video and I also wanted to let you know that my next video will be . . . (drum roll please) . . . a Q&A video! Obviously in order to do this I need some questions, so if you have any questions (it doesn’t matter what they are) just post them in the comment box below and your question will be answered in my next video! YAY!


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