The Diary of an Anorexic’s Thanksgiving Vacation: Day 1

Thanksgiving - the beloved all-American holiday where the gluttons who gave the world Micky D's sit around and shove mountains of fattening food down their throats. For the typical American, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest days of the year, but for us anorexics, it's a day that we pray will never ever occur. This [...]


Remission Resources: What To Do When You Can’t Find a Dietitian

After burying my nose in many books and academic articles, I have developed a very strong opinion about the role nutrition plays in the arduous but rewarding process of  ED remission. I believe that proper nutrition, not psychiatrist visits or some form of psychotherapy, is the key to finally being free from your eating disorder. You [...]

The Day that Wouldn’t End

As I laid on my bed wrapped up in my flowery bedspread, my mind began to go over yesterday's events. The endless arguing, the hateful words, the damn reading on the doctor's scale, the visit with my psychiatrist . . . all of these recent experiences kept replaying in my mind's eye like an endless [...]