Me, My Eating Disorder, and My Christmas Nightmare

I don't know anyone with an eating disorder who enjoys the holiday season. There is food at every corner, relatives who constantly comment on your appearance, and of course your parents who seem to get a kick out of judging every morsel of food that you place on your plate. In this video, I am [...]

The PK: How Being a Pastor’s Kid Hurts

Ever since I was little, I knew my Dad didn't have a  "normal" job. He was not a businessman who spent his days away from the home, selling some ridiculous product or service to naive consumers. Nor was he a physician who was constantly on call, catering to the needs of others while being much too busy [...]

Me, My Anorexia, and My Thanksgiving

The past couple of weeks have been quite a challenge for me. My depression has barged back in to my life and has made it nearly impossible to write a decent post. I did try to update you guys on my little Thanksgiving trip, but my mind was so broken by the depression that even [...]