Going to College with an Eating Disorder: The Door’s Wide Open

"Be empty of worrying. Think of who created thought! Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?" ~Rumi While many incoming college freshman spent their summers making lasting memories with the friends and family they would soon leave behind, I spent mine locked in a prison of great anxiety. The idea [...]


An Anorexic Abroad: How I Ate Overseas

Have an eating disorder? Going on a trip overseas and worried about how the whole eating situation will work out? Don’t worry, because this video has you covered!  After going on my trip to Ireland and France, I have quite a few tips on how you can handle the foreign food scene while abroad. I [...]

When an Anorexic Goes on Vacation

As I am sure most of you have realized, eating disorders are not diseases that just devastate the bodies and minds of sufferers, they also completely ruin families. Parents sometimes must take leave off work in order to focus all their attention on caring for their anorexic or bulimic child. Siblings of ED sufferers end up feeling abandoned and forgotten as their mom and dad spend most of their waking hours on their ill child - shuttling them to various doctor's appointments, supervising their arduous and emotionally-draining mealtimes , and visiting them while they are in the hospital. When a family member has an eating disorder, everyone has no other choice but to make sacrifices and put their lives on hold.

Eating Disorder Treatment 101: An Introduction to My NEW BLOG SERIES!

Let me tell you the story on why I have decided to write this series on eating disorder treatment. As most of you know, I spent the early years of my eating disorder in hospitals and treatment facilities.  Since I was so young at the time,  making my own medical decisions was off the table, and [...]

The PK: How Being a Pastor’s Kid Hurts

Ever since I was little, I knew my Dad didn't have a  "normal" job. He was not a businessman who spent his days away from the home, selling some ridiculous product or service to naive consumers. Nor was he a physician who was constantly on call, catering to the needs of others while being much too busy [...]