When an Anorexic Goes on Vacation

As I am sure most of you have realized, eating disorders are not diseases that just devastate the bodies and minds of sufferers, they also completely ruin families. Parents sometimes must take leave off work in order to focus all their attention on caring for their anorexic or bulimic child. Siblings of ED sufferers end up feeling abandoned and forgotten as their mom and dad spend most of their waking hours on their ill child - shuttling them to various doctor's appointments, supervising their arduous and emotionally-draining mealtimes , and visiting them while they are in the hospital. When a family member has an eating disorder, everyone has no other choice but to make sacrifices and put their lives on hold.


The Day of the Visit

You may notice the beginning of this post is rather similar to one that was published recently (I have since taken that post down). This is because the post you saw was actually an accidentally published draft. Here's the real thing 🙂 🙂 🙂 !  When I submitted my college applications, I was already mentally prepared to [...]

The Long Awaited Update

It has been ages since my ED has had this much control over my life. Not only does this scare me, it also scares my family and Dr. K (my psychiatrist). Now whenever I step Dr. K’s scale, I lose weight and I can sense he is deeply concerned that am falling back into old habits. Somehow, I am always able to convince him otherwise, but I know that soon he will see through my lies and start to demand that I seek a higher level of care.

The Day that Wouldn’t End

As I laid on my bed wrapped up in my flowery bedspread, my mind began to go over yesterday's events. The endless arguing, the hateful words, the damn reading on the doctor's scale, the visit with my psychiatrist . . . all of these recent experiences kept replaying in my mind's eye like an endless [...]