For Sufferers

Recovering from an eating disorder is no easy task, especially when society never seems to understand how difficult it is. Too many people believe that those of us struggling with eating disorders are doing it for attention, for vanity, or for our own pleasure. What these people don’t realize though is that anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and EDNOS are diseases . . . diseases that literally destroy one’s body, one’s mind, and one’s soul. And just like any other medical condition, an ED sufferer needs to receive intensive treatment and support as soon as possible in order to prevent the eating disorder from leading the person to his/her grave.

On this page, I have listed some wonderful links to websites and organizations that are pro-recovery. If you have any more sites that you think should be on this page, please feel free to contact me!

Helpful Links for both Sufferers, Family, and Friends
1. National Eating Disorders Association : This website has a lot of resources on it. It includes a large “Learn More” page with a plethora of information on eating disorder. It also includes a “Find Help & Support” with information on ED support groups near you, treatment centers, insurance resources, and even recovery support.

2. Something Fishy Website : Yes, I know. This site does have a weird name but it is a wonderful pro-recovery resource. This site has ED educational information, a treatment finder, and even a forum for suffers of EDs.

3. The Alliance for Eating Disorders Treatment Referral Guide: This page has a comprehensive PDF guide that you can download for free that includes how eating disorders are treated and lists a multitude of different treatment centers throughout the USA. The guide is extremely comprehensive and is perfect for those searching for ED treatment.

Best Eating Disorder Blogs r

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