Snapshot: A Sick Girl in the Grocery Store

There she is. A teenage girl alone in the busy aisles of some grocery store. Her dirty blond hair is pull back into a short, sloppy ponytail with some lose strands dangling by her face. She wears a huge, puffy pink parka, not only because she feels like she is trapped a freezer, but also [...]


Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

The tantalizing aroma of melting chocolate and nutty homemade peanut butter fills my small ranch-style house. I know that in just a few short minutes, my mom will remove this mouth-watering, thick chocolate mixture from the stove and pour it into a bowl of Rice Chex. Then she will grab her favorite wooden spoon and [...]

Food as Medicine: Fats

Fats. It is a word the strikes fear into most people with eating disorders. Why? Because for some reason ED seems to think that eating an avocado or drizzling some olive oil on our salad will result in massive weight gain due to the fat content of these foods.  Today though we are going to [...]

Food as Medicine Series: Carbohydrates

As individuals with eating disorders, we all know our relationship with food is rather complicated. No matter if we are an anorexic, bulimic, binge eater, or disordered eater; in our eyes food is one of the few “effective” coping skills we possess.  That is exactly why I decided to produce a set of nutrition posts [...]

The Warzone

Ugly, pale peach laminate countertops. An elderly electric stove. An off-white refrigerator speckled with a few light-brown food stains. If you guessed that I am describing my kitchen, you’re correct. But what you probably didn’t realize was that I am also describing my own personal warzone.  Here in this very room, my parents throw verbal [...]

Food: The Wonder Drug

Savory grilled salmon, that melts like butter as you put it in your mouth. Perfectly cooked brown rice with a dreamy, fluffy texture. Sweet carrots and bitter, but scrumptious, fresh broccoli. To most people this sounds like a heavenly, balanced meal. I am pretty sure most folks would have no problem licking their plates clean just to [...]