The Consequences of the Deadliest Mental Illness: An Anorexic’s Blood

Anorexia nervosa is a horrific disease that wages war on not only the soul of the individual but also every single part of their body. It massacres the bones causing them to become weak and brittle, it ferociously assaults the heart, and it can even permanently erase a women's treasured ability to have her own [...]


A Dark Disappointment

Yesterday my sick mind entered a very dark world. Thoughts of pricking my snow-white skin with thick needles, cutting up my fatty arms with scissors, and even attempting to end it all invaded my mind. Why was I consumed with these ominous and potentially fatal ideas? It all began after my dad fetched me from [...]

Trapped in the Unknown

I am struggling to make sense of everything that is happening in my life right now. Yesterday, my dad and I drove in blizzard-like conditions for 4 traffic-filled hours. Why? Because I had an appointment with a rheumatologist at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  This appointment was suppose to be my last one. It was suppose [...]

What Ana Does As I made this video, I honestly thought I was just creating some educational piece on the health complications of anorexia nervosa. I didn't really think that I was making this video for me as well. . . You see, when you have an eating disorder, sometimes you have to be reminded of the [...]