The PK: How Being a Pastor’s Kid Hurts

Ever since I was little, I knew my Dad didn't have a  "normal" job. He was not a businessman who spent his days away from the home, selling some ridiculous product or service to naive consumers. Nor was he a physician who was constantly on call, catering to the needs of others while being much too busy [...]


A Frightening Day to Overcome

"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom." ~Bertrand Russell What many people living outside the eating disorder community don't know is that anorexia nervosa is not homogenous disease. Though many characteristics of this illness remain constant over a population of sufferers, there are many qualities that are unique to each individual anorexic.  For example, [...]

It’s Time to Move Forward

"Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future." ~ Robert Schuller If you guys haven't noticed, the past couple of months have been rough for me and that emotional turmoil  has made many of my most recent blog posts take a toxic turn. As I look back at my past posts, I realize so [...]

The Vacation that Came Out of a Steven King Novel

Well folks, it has seemed like a long time since I have gotten the chance to sit down and tell you guys what has been going on in my complex little universe.  Get ready because we have LOTS of catching up to do. Over the last week, my school has freed us student prisoners from [...]

A Social Life

Due to the depressing and rather pessimistic post I produced just a few days ago, I think you as my readers are entitled to read something  that at least contains a slight glimmer of hope.  So, I decided to write about a recent event that absolutely filled every part of my chunky, overweight body with [...]

Christmas Struggles

So I am going to start off this post by apologizing about the video I promised yesterday.  I slept most of yesterday and then my family and I had to be social at some Christmas party (if you haven't catched my drift yet, parties are not my thing).  So the whole "make-a a-video" thing went [...]