Breaking – How I Fell Apart

My mind was like a hamster running forever on its wheel to nowhere. I got down on my hands and knees and pleaded with my mind to stop running. I tried to tell it that it could rest , I really did. But of course, it didn’t listen or maybe it just didn’t care.


The Ed Vacation Chronicles: Heading Home

On the 24th of August , I opened my heavy eyes as I lay awkwardly on the hotel's rock hard couch (which I had turned into a makeshift bed for my family's relatively stressful Chicago vacation). My mom was already up in the other room folding her clothing and carefully organizing it into her ocean-blue [...]

The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 1st Full Day

Friday was the first full day of being in the overwhelming large city of Chicago and to be honest, it wasn't as nightmarish as my mind attempted to make me believe. At 7:27am I walked in the room where my younger sister and father were soundly sleeping and wakened them. It took about 10 minutes [...]

I Was Social . . . TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Yes folks, despite my horrendous anxiety, I was able to overcome my feelings of intense dread and apprehension and actually visit with friends not once BUT TWICE this week.  Both times I actually considered calling it off and sticking to the comforting but rather inflexible daily routine I bide by.   Fortunately, the tiny healthy [...]