A Friday to Remember

It was early Thursday morning when my dad left the house with a deep blue suitcase in tow. The mundane suburban landscape was still  trapped in a sea of darkness and the crisp fall air bit the skin with its cold, sharp teeth. As my dad drove his little white car and disappear  into the [...]


Daily Inspiration: The Sun Will Rise

Today isn't going to be an easy day for me. It involves sitting on my fat ass for 2 hours to get to the Children's Hospital for another appointment. Even after months of pain, nausea, relentless vomiting, and wacky lab values, the doctors STILL can't put a finger on what the hell is wrong with [...]

The Inspiration Expedition

  In order to combat the plague of anxiety, eating disorder urges, and utter frustration that has fallen upon me, I went on a little internet expedition. My goal? To discover some inspirational quote that will provide me a beacon of light in these dark times. After clicking my way through a countless host of [...]

Blessings in Disguise – A New Way to Look at Life

You know, some days I think I completely forget about how blessed I am.  I have two parents who would go to the ends of the earth for me, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, a source of fresh water. I mean, the list could just go on and on  . . [...]