A Day to Disremember

If you want the definition of the "worst-day-ever", then take a look at my life on the day of December 4th, 2013. That should give you a pretty clear picture of what 24-hour hell is like. It all started when the clock hit 12:10 and I entered my 6th to 7th period seminar (I attend [...]


Lost Hope

I have completely lost any ounce of hope I once had. For months now, the pain in my bones has increased drastically and the immense fatigue I have been experiencing has resulted in me literally living in my bedroom. My parents no longer believe that the cause of my declining condition is due to some [...]

“Do You Really Have to Come Over?”

There are people in this world who are calm, collected and I rather enjoy being in the peaceful presence of these individuals. But there are beings that are impulsive, brash, and rather obnoxious. I don't know about you, but hanging out with one of these types of folks doesn't sound like a dream come true. [...]