How to Find the BEST (for you) Eating Disorder Treatment Center

After months, years, or maybe even decades of swallowing laxatives instead of food, torturing your weary body with endless exercise,  mindlessly devouring the contents of your refrigerator, and spending hours vomiting in your porcelain commode - you've made a decision. A decision that may not just change the course of your life, but also save it. [...]


Living with an Eating Disorder: How to Stop Purging TODAY Many people with eating disorder struggle with self-induced vomitting, more commonly referred to as purging. Purging is one of the most dangerous eating disorder behaviors out there and can do everything from completely ruining your teeth to causing one's heart to just stop beating. In this video, I will discuss the dangers of purging [...]

Daily Inspiration: The Only Way to Change

People go into eating disorder treatment for many reasons. Sometimes the parents of a child or adolescent suffering from an ED drag their offspring to a treatment center against their will. Sometimes it is a life-saving court order that results in one's involuntary hospitalization. And sometimes the families of the individual with the ED host [...]

Daily Inspiration: You are Not . . .

  We all experience some pretty terrible days, but I have noticed that lately all of my days have been a struggle. After some time of self-reflection, I have come to the conclusion that my bad days do not occur because of me being prone to misfortune. Actually, I discovered that the origin of my [...]

A Social Life

Due to the depressing and rather pessimistic post I produced just a few days ago, I think you as my readers are entitled to read something  that at least contains a slight glimmer of hope.  So, I decided to write about a recent event that absolutely filled every part of my chunky, overweight body with [...]